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  • More Motorhome Repair pics

    by Nigel Ivy 21. July 2010 10:53

    More motorhome pics, the back wall is back on and the roof is going back on soon:

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    Motor home repair progress

    by Nigel Ivy 21. July 2010 10:12

    Here are some more images of the motorhome repairs. The roof is going back on this week.


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    Motor home progress...

    by Nigel Ivy 6. July 2010 11:41

    We went back to Fast Repairs Ltd yesterday to see the progress of our motorhome. It's coming along nicely with good progress. The extent of the damage is a little more than Jeff at Fast Repairs had anticipated, but about what we were expecting. They're got the back wall and roof off completely and are in the process of stripping the rotten wood away before they start the rebuild process. We've chosen new wall paper to replace the rotten stuff and instructed Jeff as to what cables we want hidden in the walls and where we want lights repositioned etc. Fast Repairs have been a pleasure to deal with so far and would come recommended by us!

    It seems to be on schedule to be finished by the end of the month. We're looking forward to getting our "new" van back!

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    Motorhome Repairs

    by Nigel Ivy 25. June 2010 09:19

    We're having our motorhome roof rebuilt by Fast Repairs Ltd and went to see it this morning. The progress is good so far - they've stripped out all the interior and taken the roof off. They're now allowing it to dry and for the damp to dry properly before they start the rebuild process.

    Here are some pics of the damage.

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    Vehicles/Trailers | Motorhome Repairs

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