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  • Nigel's South Africa 2010 Gallery

    by Nigel Ivy 11. November 2010 10:28

    Nigel & Rianna had a great trip to South Africa this year, check out Nigel's South African 2010 gallery on nigelivy.com!

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    Thoughts on Africa 2

    by Rianna Ivy 24. August 2010 21:16

    It was interesting to go in to the town today, the mall/shopping centre is just as nice as they are in england, if not even cleaner. I naiively didn't expect it to have anything as nice as that and cool just everyday shops; all you see of africa in england is the poor population that have nothing, you don't really see anything else. I really enjoyed my day today just chilling and getting to know Mark and Lisa better :D Very interesting to chat to them about all kinds of things.

    The town is very nice and has cool shops and Nando's! found out it actually started in South Africa (feel a little bit stupid and englishly naiive). It's not too different from other places i've been to with people wanting to sell you all kinds of random stuff. They can be quite persistent. I was incredibly shocked that one guy was selling Taser Guns to any random person on the street!

    One thing i observed is that the black people shake your hand as if you are in a special group with a secret handshake! It's not just a normal english handshake but it contains twists and random stuffs lol.

    I am now quite eager to see what the guys do when hunting and what it actually entails. Not that i will be doing any myself but would like to observe it.

    No ticks! No Spiders! No being chased by dangerous animals and only one bite.......on my face lol.

    My overall thoughts on afirca at this moment in time is that it's loverly. Going to bed happy tonight :D




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    Thoughts on Africa

    by Rianna Ivy 23. August 2010 21:52

    Claire suggested that I should keep a diary while me and Nigel are on our trip as she thought it may be interesting see what I think (not being african), so here is my first entry.

    I haven't seen or done much as it is only my second full day but I find it quite amusing how all of the white africans like to speak in the 'African' accent, even for the most random things. The landsacpe and bush of the farm is nothing like I expected, pretty much every tree has metre long thorns! lol The lodge and stuff is amazing! I love the stairs and have told nigel that he is going to have to build me some like that when we convert the barn ;) 

    I am incredibly pleased that i have not seen a single spider yet!!! hehe Although I have seen alot of cool wildlife already, the two giraffe that i saw were surprisingly small, i expected them to be much taller. I was also quite surprised at how i am reacting to the breaking off of a leg that i witnessed and other such grusome (not sure if that is the right spelling of that word) things.

    Not much else to comment on at the moment but i'm sure there will be much much more to tell in the next few days :D





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