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  • Removing a broken CB-EN2 Battery Grip off my 20D

    by Nigel Ivy 25. November 2010 20:32

    I had the CB-EN2 battery grip on my Canon EOS 20d, but the thumb-wheel broke which meant I couldn't take the grip off. I needed to get the grip off as there was too much vibration when shooting on a tripod.

    I searched the web for a solution, and it seemed that this was a popular problem with this particular grip. The only way I found to remove it was to dismantle the entire grip. Here are some pics of the results:


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    Upgrading ProPhoto 3.1

    by Nigel Ivy 7. July 2010 11:44

    I have just upgraded my photography blog (nigelivy.com) to the latest version of ProPhoto by Netrivet, which is version 3.1. It features some great new functionality and integration with facebook etc.

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    Lifehacker's Five Best WYSIWYG HTML Editors

    by Nigel Ivy 5. July 2010 11:48

    Here's a pretty good artilcle by Lifehacker comparing their five favorite WYSIWYG HTML editors (or web design software): http://lifehacker.com/5579328/

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