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  • Thoughts on Africa 6

    by Rianna Ivy 21. September 2010 07:51

    So i have just come back from Cape Town! :D it was pretty awesome! It's a really ccool place as it is a city with all the things to do and things you need yet it has amazing views and countryside style things to do. It was quite cool to see a different part of Africa as it is very different to Polokwane. They can recycle there and it's a bit less backward than the other parts of Africa i've seen. Di and the boys were incredibly good to us! We saw alot and i really really enjoyed Cape Towm.

    Me and Nige climbed Table mountain on the first day, apparently we chose the hardest route up! but it was definately worth it. It was quite hard for me physically and i struggled quite a bit (they make the last bit the hardest and steepest!) but the view was incredible and i'm proud that i can now say that i climbed table mountain! Pictures will follow :D

    It's been quite interesting talking to Daniel and JP about what things are like here compared to England. Some things are much cheaper and others are a lot more expensive. Like books are more expensive?! I can understand why electronics are maybe more expensive, but books, why?That's like basic and quite old school, it's been around for ages. The houses there are cheap in English standards, you can get a REALLY nice house there for £200,000 with big garden, swimming pool, double garage and it's very spacious.

    it's quite horrible in africa with all the begging, in England (maybe just newbury?) beggars are generally quite passive and will sit there rather than ask directly for money, here they just ask you outright for money. It's quite akward. And I always have that battle that I should give them money but then what are they going to go and then do with it? Acohol abuse is quite bad here. I was quite shocked the other day to see white people begging in africa, You don't ever really think that you would see that.

    I find the way that people tip in Africa quite strange, like to wash your windscreen or fill up your car people will tip like R2, which is nothing!. I spose thats just the way it is but i would feel guilty or embarrassed just giving them 20p.

    Not long now until we go back! Will try and do another before we leave :D



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